The Anatomy Of A Traffic Citation/Ticket


Let me start this off by saying that this ticket that I received is an expired/no registration citation that I received. Did I know my registration wasn’t any good? Oh yea I definitely did but I’m not here posting about the validity of the ticket, oh no I’m here due to something a tad bit more sinister than that and that reason is the division of the amount that I was fined for this ticket. Now if you take a look at the pic I posted above you will notice the arrows that I have placed on some well most of the”line items” of the receipt that I received for payment of the ticket. My confusion of why and how the loot is divvied up is expressed below.

  • Drivers Ed and Tra – I’m guessing “Tra” stands for training. Anyway why is Drivers Ed receiving $6.04? This was not a moving violation or any offense that will require me to attend defensive driving classes or anything of that nature.
  • Indigent Defense – Although I am not indigent I’m partial to this and actually don’t mind some of my money going to this fund because I have been in court without being able to afford a lawyer and had to go with a public defender. The funny thing is you still have to pay a certain amount even though they are assigning a public defender to your case, so can somebody tell me why $12.07 of every ticket is going to this?
  • Jail Fund-Crimina – Why are they taking $12.07 out of this ticket for a criminal jail fund?? I didn’t commit a crime so how do you justify taking money from a non-criminal act for a criminal jail fund??
  • Victims Assistance – Oh this one here is a doozie victims assistance, this was a victim less act so why are you taking $6.04 for victims assistance? If there is a victim here it’s me!
  • Clerks Retirement – Really? so I’m paying for the clerk who is taking my payment for this citations retirement? So what would happen if we all as a people collectively decided to not commit any infractions? Would the clerks still have a retirement option??
  • Sherrif’s retirement – Please see number 5 and insert “sheriff” everywhere you see the word “clerk” It wasn’t even a sheriff it was a police officer who stopped me, so why is the sheriff getting some of this money?? and why the hell does a county have 50-leven different types of police departments and sheriffs and what the hell is the damn difference between a sheriff and police officer?? But that’s another blog.
  • Peace Officers An – I don’t even know or can even guess what that is or what it’s for buuuuuuuuuutt I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make any sense to me why $6.04 is being taken out for it.

So if any of my readers know or can explain to me some or all or any of it please feel free to do so….

Rating 3.50 out of 5