The 6 Best Things Tracy Morgan Said On 30 Rock

Three reasons why I love 30 rock:

1. Tracy Morgan

2. Tina Fey

3. Alec Baldwin

This show is pure genius and very entertaining, Tracy definitely has come a long way from his first ever appearance on Def Comedy Jam some years back when he came out onto the stage in some penny loafers a tight ass long sleeved button down shirt and a Beenie cap and killed it. Anyway here are  some of the best quotes Tracy has uttered on the show and they are hilarious.

6. Here Tracy asks an asian woman if she is a large child or a small adult

5.  Upon treating a co-worker badly on the show Tracy states ” we have to be cool to everybody, because the future is like a japanese game show: You have no idea whats going on”

4.  Tracy is running game on a new dancer that just came on the show and says “Before you worked here, were you an ass scientist? Because your ass blah, blah, blah, you get the point. So what’s your name?

3.  He tells Kenneth “Kenneth, your haircut is disrespectful to lesbians.”

2.  While talking to Liz Lemmon about a lie they tried to pass off and says “But it’s like a black Barbie Doll in Arizona, nobody’s buying it.”

1. Tracy is bragging about a role he got in a movie and says “I’m playing Garfield. My whole part is being shot on green screen in 3 days and they’re paying me exactly 1 million teacher salaries.”

Some of the quotes are genius in themselves and some are just retarded but they are defiitely funny, Tracy definitely has come a long way.

Rating 3.00 out of 5