Selling Pussy Like Cocaine??..WTF!!


I’m going on record right now by saying this is some real niggadry fuckery at its finest right here…  Like how far are you willing to sacrifice your self respect in search of success?? Well it seems that these two whores are willing to pretty much push the envelope as hard and as far as they can. They pen an entire song about how they are “pushing” their pussies like coke, for those that are street slang challenged it means they are selling their pussies. So not only on top of writing this song, you make a video for the song showing you picking up different johns from all walks of life(which is a contradiction in itself) and it is a homemade music video at that… seriously? for real? They say songs are supposed to paint a picture in the listeners mind and I’ll admit it painted a picture in mine but it was one I did not want to imagine. Scenes of seedy motels with bars on the windows and cigarette burns on the covers and a dingy bahtroom where all I pictured, along with scenes of ducking in to a dark stank ass alley for a hand/blow job.. ughh just typing this shit makes me shudder. You can be slutty and whorish but come across in a decent slutty whorish way. (i.e. lil kim) These two brawds came across as dirty, grimey diseased ridden whores which was further heightened by their looks and appearance. I’ll just let you take a look at it yourself and see what im saying. Just know you have been warned!!..

Rating 3.00 out of 5