Sexy Soccer..Porn Stars Playing Soccer..In uuhh Uniforms??

If the world cup was anything like this.. I would definiely be a soccer fan.. fuck all the other sports this is where it would be at…Now this is a sport.. should be considered for the olympics. Only wish there were also women that don’t have a melanin deficiency though.. but oh wel. titties and ass bouncing are entertaining no matter what the shade of color.

Should Sexy Soccer Be A Sport And Played In The Olympics?

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NYC Restaurants Bribe Lebron With All You Can Eat

Chef Michael Symon recently tried to bribe free agent LeBron James to stay in Cleveland with the promise of monthly Iron-Chef style dinners for him and his friends, and now some local restaurants are trying to seduce the star basketball player to choose New York.

Come NYC this negro is disgustingly rich and all you can do is bribe the him with free food??!! Seriously??  Try starting out with a key to the city and some stock in the city..geezuuss damn idiots..

Rating 3.00 out of 5