Fashion?? Seriously?? Like For Real For Real???

Anobody who knows Juss knows I’m sort of a traditionalist in almost every aspect. I don’t fare well with change especially change that has to do with fashion. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not here stating that I’m some big time fashionista but I have been known to put something together. Now what gets me is these new styles or what is supposed to be passing as style.  Style when pertaining to fashion  is defined as 1. a distinctive quality, form, or type of something <a new dress style> 2. the state of being popular : fashion <clothes that are always in style> b : fashionable elegance c : beauty, grace, or ease of manner or technique. Those winged icarus sneakers are not any of the above along with this skinny jeans style bullshit.. Get the fuck out my face with that shit man… I’m all for fashion and trends but seriously come on now. I admit in high school my jeans had the just enough sag to them & shit they still do. I was all about the Jordans (which they have completely fucked up with all the mix and matching of the styles) and 8 ball jackets etc..But now you have these tight ass skinny jeans and you still wear them below your ass?? I blame parents for all this bullshit that these kids are wearing. Why do you buy your child those clothes? As a grown up you rerally think it’s ok? As a grown man do you think it’s ok to wear some tight fitting jeans below your ass? I’m a little confused though how do they even get those jeans below the ass though? and who the hell helps them put them on in the morning? anyway enough of my ranting and raving I’m Juss Misunderstood thats all.

Rating 3.00 out of 5