A Night of Cocaine In Paris


 Paris hilton gets arrested in Las Vegas for posession of cocaine I mean no surprise that the brawd is on coke, what surprises me is that she hires the top dog lawyer in Las Vegas and the best excuse they can come up with is that it wasn’t her purse.. I mean really? seriously though?  It wasn’t your purse?  Te bullshit is that the courts are going to actually “believe” this bullshit ass excuse and either drop the case or make her pay a fine. i doubt she will serve any jail time regardles of her track record. If she does happen to get sentenced to jail time she will end up doing a few days and be released just like her previous stint in jail. It;s fucking disgusting, if it anybody else of no status no millions in their account and no parents that own hotel chains they ass would be facing some serious jail/prison time.

You have people who actually have legitimate and plausible defenses get years for the same damn infractions but they get tossed to the wayside and get railroaded but this brawds it wasnt my purse defense holds up, stands up and fights back in court. Gotta love the legal system huh…

Rating 3.00 out of 5