Skinny Sweats??.. Why though?..

skinny fuckery

So this is what’s hot in the streets now? What exactly is the purpose of skinny sweats though? If you ask me the shit looks fucking dumb as fuck.

Where do these fashion trends come from? Is there a council or committee that decide what the latest fashion is?
We need to stop letting society dictate what is currently fashionable. I am a huge conspiracy theorist/believer but never bought into the whole society is trying to emasculate the black man, well the man period. Now I kind of do.

Currently there has been a rash of questionable fashionable decisions made by a few celebrities that had me like wtf?? Mainly the decision that as a man it is ok to wear a skirt or dress and think it’s perfectly fine to do so. Then you have this new artist Young Thug wearing mini skirts and tube tops and shit… What the fuck is going on man???

I’m really thinking this conspiracy has some .. Well a lot of validity to it. Is the only way you can be successful and stay successful is by conforming to what the “powers that be” dictate? Or is it a way to eradicate anything manly from the younger generation who are actually fans of these fucking idiots…

Anyway I’m done with this subject, I refuse to give it anymore light by speaking on it any further. A dude wearing them shits is equivalent to a dude watching scandal.. Just fucking suspect…

As always this is Ya Boy Juss telling you to always keep it as positive as a negative pregnancy test….

Rating 3.00 out of 5