Seattle Police Clocks Female In The Eye…WOW

 Wow… see this is the bullshit right here, cop doesn’t have any excuse to punch that girl in the face like that none whatsoever. This is just another example of how police can pretty much do anything they want to us. Now if that girls father,brother,uncle, cousin or a family member just beat that cop down im pretty sure they would get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I’m also sure that this cop will probably only get reprimanded and/or suspended for a month WITH pay. SMH..

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6 thoughts on “Seattle Police Clocks Female In The Eye…WOW

  1. I don’t know about any other state or City. But in The City of New York. In THIS CITY…it is my God Given Right to jaywalk. it is the god given right of all New York City individuals to jaywalk and if the NYPD were to respond to incidents of Jaywalking like this my face and everyone elses would be punch drunk. That being said While I know they “broke a law” they didn’t warrant that.

  2. to say the cop had ‘no excuse whatsoever’ to hit her is kind of crazy. she is no longer jaywalking, she’s assaulting him…however, as a cop i would think he should’ve had the training to subdue her in some other kind of way…that hit was about punishing her, not about doing his job.

  3. @Darkington. I totally agree with you homie
    @Janie.. Knock it off.. lol.. that little push she gave him didnt merit that right hook from the white boy…but I do agree just a bit with the punishment aspect. i think it was more of white boy getting angry this black girl isnt doing what he is telling her to do

  4. Ok so according to other reports this attack took place on MLK street/blvd or something in the whitest city on the west coast, Seattle Wash. However this officer found himself enforcing a misdemeanor offense in a black community. When i just read the account admittedly I was on the fence but when i saw the video, there is no way that anyone can say 1. that him punching her was justified 2. that the cop did not escalate the situation. Some have said that the girls were “disrespectful” but obviously they didn’t have any respect for the Po’ because the Po’ systematically do not show respect in our communities. This display of the bruised ego of a white man losing control of two lowly black girls will surely not win any respect points in this area and truth be told the police don’t care. The police are here for two things, to control the ni66as and keep white folk and their property safe.

  5. if someone assaults you while you are trying to do your job — in fact, two people are assaulting him, not just one — you have the right to self defense. police don’t have the same right? and did he escalate it by hitting her? or did she finally KIM and get out of his physical space? i’m not saying he couldn’t have done more to arrest her without hitting her like that, but to say that she gave him no excuse to warrant it is reaching. really far.