Rumors, Speculations and Supposings: Are You The Ma/Pa ….or Nah?

I think that it’s been well established that the entertainment biz keeps some wild shit all times. For me, that means past times, present times and future ones. The old folk say it best when they casually remind us, “ain’t nothin’ new under the sun”. Especially dropping more than hot tracks in the studio and having a few families here and there…


This sidebar of Pure Fuckery will explore the potential (and likely) outside kids, play (but really real) cousins, and all manner of dysfunctional relationships of some throw back and new money celebs based on what I like to call “samefacedness”. Y’all be the judge though cuz I’m not one to gossip lol.

Ma/Pa….or Nah?


Rating 3.00 out of 5