Presidential Spending


Since the homie Obama won the highly coveted presidency of these here United States he has been under attack by pretty much every faction in the country. This man has been put under so much pressure that his hair has literally turned gray overnight. Pressure burst pipes, Obama’s pipes must be made of that fictional metal adamantium because he has not sprung a leak as of yet.

Barack Obama is a prime example of how racism is still very much alive in this country and to me it’s worse than the racism our ancestors experienced. The racists from our ancestors generation dished it out blatantly and did not try to hide it under false pretenses. Today the racists disguise and shroud it under a cloak of misinformation and concern for this country, an example of this is the Birthers. This group really didn’t care about the President’s birth certificate; I’m willing to put my life on that. They just couldn’t come out and say fuck that nigger, we don’t want a nigger as president.

But I’m veering way off the subject of this blog so let me get back on course. All this negativity that has been aimed at Barack since day one is pointless because as they say actions speak louder than the words and Barack has spoken in volume in numerous ways. One being in the area of increasing the national debt.

Here is a graph from the United States Treasury department that depicts how the national debt has been increased by Barack and previous Presidents. Barack is the lowest with a menial 16% while Reagan is in the lead with a whopping 189%.

Check out the graph and next time an Obama hater wants to talk shit slap the shit out of them with this information.

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