Pa or Nah? Attack of the Clones Edition: James Earl Jones


When I saw this meme, I hit the floor in laughter!  Straight comedy if you don’t really care that it’s extremely racist and ridiculously stereotypical on sooo many levels… but I digress.  With that said, Imma slide off into some samefacedness that made me say “hmmmm”.

Since he’s here, let’s start with Darth Vadar…  Most may already know that the incomparable James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth, right?  Yeah… he was a bad man back in his day!


After seeing some random Snopes on The Book that ole James Earl had died, I found out that not only was he alive and kicking but that he came from a pretty talented family.  Okay.  So, I’m nosey like that and started looking.. JudgeMe!  LOL  Being an older gentleman, I find it nice to see that black families have history though.  I found a picture of this dude and that’s when the rumor mill called my mind started swirling… Wayment!  Darth might be Luke’s daddy but uhhh James Earl might’ve been up to shenanigans in his early acting days…

tumblr_lhiechWfqA1qgtqgzo1_500Ummhmm… there he is. James Earl Jones’ father,  Robert Earl Jones.  Gooood looking brother if I must say so myself!  Broadway actor and performing in roles in many a hood classics, including but not limited to Willie Dynamite!

But uhhhh why do he and Crying Ass Cuba (Gooding Jr.) have the same. damn. face?cuba-gooding-jr2

I know, right?  Tripped me out too!  That’s just too much samefacedness for me!  But my nosey ass didn’t have enough.  Noooo…  I started looking at pictures of a young James Earl just to see what I could saw and that’s when Todd came to me with the bull…. Oh.  Wrong show! LOL  Anyhew, like I said, James Earl was a fionnne bruvah back in the day (60s and 70s) so I could see how a couple of outside kids could happen.  But who wouldda thunk that (dunh dunh dunh…. waaaaait for it….)

Pretty Muddafuggin Ricky aka Michael Ealy would be one of em???ealyjonesWait… is the Ealy a slick way of trynna throw that “Earl” off in there undetected?  James Earl was known to like a lil swirl erry now and then (actress Jane Alexander and a few others could speak on that) and he DOES have those lightskinned eyes.  Ummhmm  and it’s not like Cuba Sr. was HOME!  He was a touring musician so we KNOW he was “in the studio” ROTFL.  Like I said, Darth might be Luke’s Daddy but James Earl might have been about that “Richie D Creep life” and slipped into character as a STONE COLD MACK!

Cicely Tyson James EarlSee!!!  Looking REALLLL cozy with Auntie Cicely (Tyson) looking all Kimberly Elise-ish…………………. but Imma get on Auntie Cicely n’em in a minute. (note to self:  The Saga Continues)

So yall tell me?  Is James Earl the Pa or Nah?

Rating 3.00 out of 5
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