Only In The Hood!….

lmmaaooo.. Suprim? seriously though??


Yo this is so sad but funny at the same time, my question is was it the owners or an employee who posted these signs up?. Either way it’s not a good look for the owner no matter how you view it. If it was the owner you have to wonder how in the hell did he end up owning a gas station or better yet how hasn’t he/she went out of business yet?? As you can see whoever the owner is definitely lacks business acumen. If it was an employee then who the fuck is doing the hiring??!!?? This type of shit would definitely stop me from going in an purchasing anything for fear of being overcharged and shortchanged and I definitely would not buy gas for fear of the gas pumps being rigged to stop pumping gas $1.89 short of what I payed for…lol.. I’m Juss saying though.

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2 thoughts on “Only In The Hood!….

  1. LOL!! If I saw that I would definitely laugh and shake my head, but it wouldn’t stop me from making a purchase there… lol I’m too lazy to drive to another gas station just because of that :-)