Obizzle Fo Shizzle…Barack in rap Video???!!!

Barack-izzle Obizzle

When will these right wingers stop?? I mean seriously.. This mothafucka went back to a 1993 rap video to try and dish out some dirt on my boy Obeezee.. a one hit wonder group at that..smh.. this right wing pro gun blogger posted the image above ¬†online claiming that the person in that video was the Prez.. I mean I can admit that it does look like my dude but after reeally looking at it you can tell that it isn’t the Prez. What I’m curious about is what is this white right wing white boy doing listening and viewing rap songs and videos??¬† I thought the right wingers felt like rap is the anti-christ along with a few other things. I rather deal with the Birthers and their quest of proving that Obama wasn’t born in these here United States. geezzusss.. By the way the dude in the video was a rapper called L.A. Snow

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