Montana Fishburne Uncensored!!!!


Damn damn damn is all I can say… Umm Montana I know you want to follow in daddies footsteps but I think you chose the wrong type of acting momma… What in the world would posess this child (she is supposedly 18 years old) who has everything her little hot in the ass heart would desire to do porn?? I know yall saying well Juss her daddy didn’t love her or didnt show her that he loves her.. To that I say Hogwash !!!! dammit.. She’s just hot in the ass and a natural born slut…It’s the only reason cause I damn sure know she doesn’t need the money.  Alot of you are going to stick to the dysfunctional family excuse yadda yadda yadda.. Ya Boy Juss aint buying it… I wonder what the hell is going through Laurence Fishburnes mind behind this , I wonder if he watched the damn video just to see if it actually is his daughter or to give her some acting tips lol.. At times like this I’m sure a celebrity parent is like damn you had to do porn?? you couldn’t have done drugs or a drunk driving charge…lmaoo… Damn Morpheus the oracle didn’t tell you about this shit?? lmaoo..Anyway enjoy the pics and video you perverts.. lmaoo

The Finale

Here is the link to the complete scene for all you perverts (myself included.. lol)

Rating 3.00 out of 5