Ma or Nah?  The Samefaced Saga Continues: Cicely and Kimberly

While bugging out about how much Michael Ealy and Cuba Gooding Jr look like James Earl Jones and his father, Robert Earl resembled and the supossings that ole James Earl might’ve been laying his Mack down with his fine self, I stumbled across this..


Psych!  This is a picture from a play they were both in called “The Blacks” but if Black Hollywood then was anything like it is now, who’s to say?  Anyways, it’s been well established that Auntie was married to Miles Davis for quite some time.  

I ain’t one to gossip but don’t Miles seem like he was always FSTOW?  Could THIS be why?


Oh don’t act like I’m asking a question we all haven’t asked!!!  Kimberly Elise and Cicely Tyson suffer from such a severe case of samefacedness that I am forced to ask…



See what I’m saying?  Hell its not that far fetched!  Ms Cicely was of a childbearing age in the 60s and 70s and plenty women “went down South” to have their babies so that big momma could help out while Momma worked.   Not saying that this is what happened. Only that it’s possible! Lol. Rocky marriage to a successful working musician, a booming career of her own and you throw a baby in the mix?  
What do you think?  Is Cicely the Ma or Nah?

Rating 3.00 out of 5
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