Kevin Costner Oil Clean Up Centrifuge

Kevin Costner hopes his invention can make the oil spill saga have a Hollywood ending.

The “Field of Dreams” actor called his oil separator a “life preserver,” saying that his device can help clean up the Gulf and that it’s not too late to put it into action. BP has already purchased 32 of the machines.

“I’m not on a white horse,” Costner said. “I’m not the savior to this thing. But I’m kind of saying, like, I got a life preserver.”

The device, which is designed to be brought to the spill site on barges, can separate 99% of oil from water and recycle up to 2,000 barrels per day. Costner spent 15 years and $20 million of his own money to develop the machine.

“If 20 of my V20s would have been at the “Exxon Valdez” 90 percent of that oil would have been cleaned up within the week,” Costner said.

BP tested a version of Costner’s device earlier this year, but the test failed after the machine gave the oil a peanut butter-like consistency. That problem has since been fixed, and BP is retesting the machine now in the hopes of getting it to the Gulf soon.

In my opinion they should have tried Kev’s idea as soon as the bullshit ideas BP had failed.. But hey that’s just me.. If this shit work your boy Kev Costner is gonna be mofin paaaaiiiidddd..

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