Kenyan Arrested For Selling Albino Man…


Lmaooooooo I’m sorry this shit is hilarious to me. Kenyans are some hustlin ass mothafuckas aren’t they, they sell anything and everything.  Albinos are the new crack! Damn melanin deficient fuckers are going for 250k a pop! dammnnn… that’s the cost of the house I’m saving a down payment for..

It seems witch doctors in africa make potions out of the body parts of the albino man/woman and sells the potions to clients telling them it will make them rich or healthy. (Read the Story Here ) Who is the lesser of two evils here? the witch doctor or the clients who buy the albino potions?  Can’t really blame the albino dealer too much in my opinion, people are starving over in africa and when your hungry and you come across whatever viable means of getting food put in your stomach I’m sure the decision to do what you have to do comes fairly easy especially if you have a family. Is the world a fucked up place? Yea it is but we know this already, we also know or should know that as bad as we think we got it in these here United States there are people in other countries who have it a million times worse and me personally am not surprised at all the crazy shit that happens in the economically depressed countries of the world. The selling of an albino person is normal in their world unfortunately. As sad and inhumane as these occurences are; it’s a part of life, a fucked up part but a part of life nonetheless. Things like this always makes me remember how fortunate I am to be where I am regardless of my situation in any and every aspect.

I wonder if they be on the corner like “ay… pssstt.. ayy.. I got that albino my fwend…the good shit.. very very very white.. Make you extra rich and strong”… lmaooo Juss saying….

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