*In my Samuel L. Jackson voice* Yes he died and I hope he burns in hell!!

I will start this post by saying dude did NOT get what he deserved. Ryan Brunn was supposed to go to prison and endure the endless torture, humiliations, beatings and countless rapes that he was going to inevitably experience in whatever penile institution he was supposed to serve his life sentence. (yes i know its penal but I figured penile was more than suitable for this post)

Now my question is how did this happen? Who let this happen? Or better yet who made this happen? Here is my theory.

I believe that this was set up by the officers who were watching him. The officers either left him with some type of article of clothing and basically insinuating that he should take his life. Another possible scenario is the officers made it possible for another inmate to get close to Ryan Brunn and shank the hell out of him.

Anytime a prisoner who is about to go to prison to serve out their sentence the prisoner is stripped of belts, shoe laces and pretty much anything else that the corrections department deems dangerous and usable by the prisoner to inflict harm on his/herself and that is just for prisoners who aren’t on suicide watch which Ryan Brunn was.

The reason I believe that one of those instances I mentioned is what happened is due in part to the fact that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation hasn’t released the “how” of Ryan Brunns suicide and will not release this information until a later date. I believe that they are taking this time to cover all tracks and get the details of the cover up just right.

If one my theories happen to be true then they should be fired, not for allowing the suicide to happen no not at all but for not letting him reach the prison so he can experience what Jorelys experienced.

R.I.P Jorelys

Rating 3.00 out of 5