Home (A woman’s place) Economics

I might ruffle some panties and bras with this one, but hey since when have I given a fuck about how anybody feels in regards to my opinion and or personal beliefs.

I believe that the removal of this class in our schools played a part in the decimation of the process of womanhood. The saying “a woman’s place is in the kitchen” rings of truth more and more everyday. Social media shows us everyday that women and I use the word “women” very loosely, no longer have the values, morals and mindset that previous generations had.

While a lot of you women may be reading this article and feel outraged or shocked maybe appalled if you really think about it these classes actually inspired girls to be home makers to want a family and not a baby daddy. Now while it didn’t inspire girls to be business women, leaders etc. It promoted self worth to an extent much more so than the embarrassing aspirations that we see these so called women expressing everyday on these social media sites.

I mean the bullshit I see these women doing and saying on these social media sites is unbelievable at times. The worse part about it is that these girls don’t see anything wrong with the things they do or say and think it’s cute. I don’t completely blame them though, I always say it starts at home.

Juss reminding you to stay as positive as a negative pregnancy test…. Oh and if you feel offended then your one of the main ones who need to be in home economics class.

Rating 4.00 out of 5