He Can Do Black Better!


So I’m watching the Rachael Maddow show (sexy ass white girl too bad she’s a lesbian) and she plays a clip of Mitt Romney’s speech where he states “I can do a better job in the african-american community than Barrack can”  Really Mitt?? like for real for real?? You really made that statment???….

Now please don’t think that I’m blogging about this because Barrack is black and Mitt is white it’s moreso the fact that this dude has to be the most non – personality having, unlikeable presidential candidate since Michael Dukakis.. Remember him????.. I bet you don’t. This guy Mitt is just god awful, I almost feel sorry for this guy at times. His speeches are the effing worst with no charm or charisma to reinforce his rhetoric whatsoever. It’s like the high school teacher from the movie  Ferris Buellers Day Off writes his speeches.

Anyway the reason I’m even blogging about this is because that statement he made has got to be the dumbest move ever. Why is this a dumb move you ask?  Well the answer is very simple. Not once has Obama specifically targeted the african-american community during his first or second campaign, so if the black guy hasn’t done it then why in the hell do you think you can do it Mitt? Secondly as a priviledged white you expect the african-american community to believe that you know their plight and in effect be able to resolve the issues within the community??? Really??? 

Contrary to what you believe Mitt the african – american community did not put Obama in office buddy, yea we helped but we didn’t do it on our own so your attempt to have the african – american community rally behind you is completely pointless and utterly stupid especially when your kind don’t really like you that much. Needless to say Mitt keeps showing just how stupid and unfit to be president he actually is, but then again Bush Jr. was in office for two terms.

Rating 3.67 out of 5