Fashion?? Seriously?? Like For Real For Real???

Anobody who knows Juss knows I’m sort of a traditionalist in almost every aspect. I don’t fare well with change especially change that has to do with fashion. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not here stating that I’m some big time fashionista but I have been known to put something together. Now what gets me is these new styles or what is supposed to be passing as style.  Style when pertaining to fashion  is defined as 1. a distinctive quality, form, or type of something <a new dress style> 2. the state of being popular : fashion <clothes that are always in style> b : fashionable elegance c : beauty, grace, or ease of manner or technique. Those winged icarus sneakers are not any of the above along with this skinny jeans style bullshit.. Get the fuck out my face with that shit man… I’m all for fashion and trends but seriously come on now. I admit in high school my jeans had the just enough sag to them & shit they still do. I was all about the Jordans (which they have completely fucked up with all the mix and matching of the styles) and 8 ball jackets etc..But now you have these tight ass skinny jeans and you still wear them below your ass?? I blame parents for all this bullshit that these kids are wearing. Why do you buy your child those clothes? As a grown up you rerally think it’s ok? As a grown man do you think it’s ok to wear some tight fitting jeans below your ass? I’m a little confused though how do they even get those jeans below the ass though? and who the hell helps them put them on in the morning? anyway enough of my ranting and raving I’m Juss Misunderstood thats all.

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Only Time Autotune Is Ok…

For videos of this nature is the only time autotune should be ok and used, unless Roger & Zapp come back out with a new album of unfortunately the incident is true but the shit is hilarious these white boys have a whole serious about autotunin the news and man these video clips really make my day. This video clip actually had me singing along.. Hide ya kids! hide ya wife! .. Hide ya kids!! hide Ya wife!!! we goooooooooon find youuu.. we gon find youuuu!!.. run an tell dat homeboy.. hoomeebooyy.. lmaoooo.. Yo this shit is banoodles.. I really believe if you were to make this a full song and press some cd’s or put it on itunes the shit will sell unfortunately… it has all the ingredients that makes a song popular nowadays. Has the catchy hook..the ever present uptempo beat/melody and for some reason I can actually see wack ass souljaboy making a dance to it. Something to the effect of making a gesture of grabbing a bitch and yoking her out etc.. I’m juss saying though…lol.. hope yall like the clip and  it brings you the pure enjoyment in the fuckery of whats going on in the world today…

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Only In The Hood!….

lmmaaooo.. Suprim? seriously though??


Yo this is so sad but funny at the same time, my question is was it the owners or an employee who posted these signs up?. Either way it’s not a good look for the owner no matter how you view it. If it was the owner you have to wonder how in the hell did he end up owning a gas station or better yet how hasn’t he/she went out of business yet?? As you can see whoever the owner is definitely lacks business acumen. If it was an employee then who the fuck is doing the hiring??!!?? This type of shit would definitely stop me from going in an purchasing anything for fear of being overcharged and shortchanged and I definitely would not buy gas for fear of the gas pumps being rigged to stop pumping gas $1.89 short of what I payed for…lol.. I’m Juss saying though.

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Woman Jailed For Not Allowing Son To See Rapist Dad In Prison


A Brooklyn mom has been tossed in jail because she refused to send her 9-year-old son to an Arizona prison to visit his father, a serial rapist locked away for decades.

Sukhwant Herb is serving 50 days on Rikers Island – in solitary confinement, she says – because she ignored a court order mandating twice-a-year prison visits for her son Seon.

She agreed to the visitation deal with representatives of the boy’s father in September, her lawyer said.

Then she changed her mind.

“I don’t want my son in that environment, seeing the prisoners in jumpers, and the slamming of gates, the noise. My son is 9, and it’s horrible, horrific,” Herb told the News in a phone call. “I’m locked here in a room, locked in 23 hours a day, with a TV.

“I turn [the TV] on just to hear another voice. The first time they took me outside for some fresh air was after 13 days in jail and that was for only one hour.”

The 29-year-old mom from East New York can have visitors and make some phone calls.

But she doesn’t want her son visiting her, either. “Not in this environment,” she said.

Brooklyn Family Court Judge Robin Sheares shipped Herb off to Rikers on June 10 after having her arrested on a warrant.

The judge declined to comment.

David Bookstaver, spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration, said Herb was jailed because she missed five court appearances.

She had ample opportunity to try and modify the visitation order and is a flight risk, he said.

The circumstances of Herb’s incarceration “are highly unusual,” Bookstaver acknowledged, “but warranted.”

Bookstaver said Herb “was given numerous opportunities to answer simple questions to avoid incarceration, but was uncooperative, could not produce proof of where she’d been, or where her son was attending school.”

Herb’s version of the hearing is quite different.

“I kept telling the judge where I was living, that I had a house in Ohio and was planning to move there with my son. But [the judge] kept screaming at me, ‘I don’t believe you, I don’t care. I don’t believe you.'”

Herb, who said she worked with a financial services firm dealing with foreclosures, is planning a move to Cambridge, Ohio, with her son and a 6-month-old daughter she has with her fiance, Dwayne Waithe, of Jamaica, Queens. The boy is living with Waithe while Herb is in jail.

Waithe said he was willing to put up his home, his trucking business and his bank account for Herb’s bail, but was shot down.

“Even killers get bail,” Waithe said. “This is unbelievable.”

Herb conceded she made many mistakes in her dealings with Sheares. “It was a poor decision not to hire a lawyer earlier and fight all this in court,” she said. “Still, this is wrong.”

She recently hired a lawyer, Dale Frederick.

“It is not in the best interest of any child to incarcerate his mother for refusing to allow that child to go to a penitentiary, particularly where the father is a convicted serial rapist,” Frederick said.

The father of Herb’s son, Seon Jonas, 31, was convicted in 2003 of raping three women in Phoenix and is serving 27 years in an Arizona state prison.

Herb said she and Jonas, who met 11 years ago in New York, were living together in Phoenix when the rapes took place. Two of Jonas’ victims were teenagers, she added.

“I had no idea of his secret life, that he did that,” she said. “He was a kind man, was never abusive to me when we were living together.”

After Jonas was imprisoned, Herb came back to Brooklyn with her son and moved in with her mother. The boy has not seen has father since at least the beginning of 2009.

“I am just devastated by this,” said her mother, Gloria Herb.

Herb’s aunt, Shelly Alexander, visited Herb last week and said, “She was just crying all the time.

“You sit across the table from the prisoner and right next to us was a woman who was a murderer.

“My niece made bad choices, but that doesn’t make her a bad woman. June 30 is her birthday and she’s going to spend it in jail.”

It’s unclear what will happen after she serves her sentence.

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Look At This White Boy Freak The Fuck Out

Yo this white boy is really freaking the fuck out cause his moms cancelled his world of warcraft account! WTF I’m starting to think this shit is setup or something cause there is no way somebody would act like that. I know it couldnt be a black kid cause his mom would have beat the hell out of fhis ass, especially if he called her a whore the way the white boy did. But seriously though, the white boy is spazzin out something crazy. I wouldnt be surprised if he chopped his whole family up the way he’s acting, can we say serial killer in the making.. geeezzzuusss.. The boy has to be touched…. homie has to be mentally unstable…. That is a future workplace massacre waiting to happen..

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One Legged Stripper??!! Seriously?…

Yo this cannot be sorry it jut can’t.. what in thee hayal is going on in this world?? Hey don’t get me wrong I’m all for not being ashamed of your body no matter what has happened to you but there are certain things you just don’t do. Im also all for the being on your grind and hustle kick… but umm.. your an amputee and your stripping?? seriously though?? I’m sure there were a thousand and one other occupations that she could have chosen to earn a living as well as many out there that are geared to the handicapped. I’m sorry but I don’t want to see that shit when I go to a strip club, (not that I frequent strip clubs) and it definitely wont make me want to “make it rain” on this chick. Well maybe make it rain from throwing up all over her ass. I don’t blame her though, I blame the strip club for hiring hop along cassidy as a dancer.  I mean how the fuck is she going to make her ass clap?!! from what I hear it involves your legs to do so….

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Selling Pussy Like Cocaine??..WTF!!


I’m going on record right now by saying this is some real niggadry fuckery at its finest right here…  Like how far are you willing to sacrifice your self respect in search of success?? Well it seems that these two whores are willing to pretty much push the envelope as hard and as far as they can. They pen an entire song about how they are “pushing” their pussies like coke, for those that are street slang challenged it means they are selling their pussies. So not only on top of writing this song, you make a video for the song showing you picking up different johns from all walks of life(which is a contradiction in itself) and it is a homemade music video at that… seriously? for real? They say songs are supposed to paint a picture in the listeners mind and I’ll admit it painted a picture in mine but it was one I did not want to imagine. Scenes of seedy motels with bars on the windows and cigarette burns on the covers and a dingy bahtroom where all I pictured, along with scenes of ducking in to a dark stank ass alley for a hand/blow job.. ughh just typing this shit makes me shudder. You can be slutty and whorish but come across in a decent slutty whorish way. (i.e. lil kim) These two brawds came across as dirty, grimey diseased ridden whores which was further heightened by their looks and appearance. I’ll just let you take a look at it yourself and see what im saying. Just know you have been warned!!..

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Obizzle Fo Shizzle…Barack in rap Video???!!!

Barack-izzle Obizzle

When will these right wingers stop?? I mean seriously.. This mothafucka went back to a 1993 rap video to try and dish out some dirt on my boy Obeezee.. a one hit wonder group at that..smh.. this right wing pro gun blogger posted the image above  online claiming that the person in that video was the Prez.. I mean I can admit that it does look like my dude but after reeally looking at it you can tell that it isn’t the Prez. What I’m curious about is what is this white right wing white boy doing listening and viewing rap songs and videos??  I thought the right wingers felt like rap is the anti-christ along with a few other things. I rather deal with the Birthers and their quest of proving that Obama wasn’t born in these here United States. geezzusss.. By the way the dude in the video was a rapper called L.A. Snow

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Shorty Got An Ass On Her!!!! SMH


What in baby jesus name was this brawd thinking about when she was putting this outfit on? Even better question what was she thinking coming out the house with that shit on? It’s not the fact that she’s way too big to be wearing that shit…ok well yea maybe that is part of the issue but damn biggums don’t you have some type of self respect? What exactly was your intention when you made this decision? shock value? attention? Wait I know .. you were trying to be discovered as a model? In any case the only attention you were going to get was the kind you got…along with a couple of ass smacks and gropes. I bet you think this video making it to youtube is a big deal huh mama.. You feel that you will probably get discovered on youtube…shit how things work nowadays your ass(pun intended) just might be right…although it aint right in that shit you wearing though.. The fucked up part about it isnt shamu letting them niggas take pics of her pussy, nope not at all… Whats fucked up is having to witness this bearilla lifting up her stomach so they can actually take a good pic of it…smh..

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