Facebook Courses in Universities???!! WOW!!

FB School


I guess the statement “It’s just facebook” really isn’t true! Schools are including courses on how to interact on facebook and conduct yourself accordingly. The University of Phoenix is the pioneer of these new age courses. The chancellor of The University Of Phoenix, Dr. Abe Froman introduced this concept to Mark Zuckerberg who agreed that it was a great idea to educate students in the proper way of utilizing the social media giant.

According to an interview in the Phoenix Daily, Dr. Froman stated that he has been developing this idea for a few years now and that the courses were ready to be introduced to the school body. Dr. Abe Froman also stated that he hopes that these courses will help students realize their full potential and reduce the amount of procrastination in regards to school work by students by login in to facebook before even attempting to complete any coursework that have been assigned by their professors. Dr. Froman also hopes that these courses will bring forth some enlightenment as to the dangers of social media. The Phoenix Daily asked Dr. Froman if this was a tactic to boost enrollment to the school, and he replied stating that enrollment to the University Of Phoenix is at an all time high and that it is purely for the benefit of the student body. At the time of press release it is unsure if the courses will be available to students who attend the University Of Phoenix online.

The Phoenix Daily asked Dr. Froman to provide us with some of the facebook courses that will be made available to the students in the upcoming semester. Some of the courses will be electives and some will be mandatory, Dr. Froman provided the Phoenix Daily with some of the courses and they are listed below:

  1. How to differentiate facebook from real life 101 and 201
  2. Properly identify which “friends” are actually friends and has your best interest at heart 101.
  3. Protect your relationship from the dangers of facebook 201.
  4. Resisting the need to post your personal business and if you do how to properly state everything not just what you deem necessary to become a victim 101.
  5. How not to perpetrate an online life as if it is your real life 101.

At the time of the article Mark Zuckerberg was unable to provide an interview but relayed the message with his assistant that he believes the courses will provide life lessons as well as time management. He also stated that he believes facebook is coming full circle since facebook was created by students for students and will finally be utilized the way he meant it to be used years ago when he created the site. Per Mark Zuckerberg’s assistant there has been an influx of schools that are trying to partner with them as well in order to provide these courses to their students. Schools include Harvard, Yale, New York University, Georgia Tech and MIT.

I personally don’t know if these courses will be of any use but I feel it’s something new and different. I believe it will capture students interest.

Until the next one this is Juss.. saying stay positive as a negative pregnancy test…

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