Bishop Eddie Wrong

I was going to put this post up as soon as the news hit the airwaves about ol Bishop Eddie Wrong… excuse me Eddie Long, but I decided to reserve my opinions until he spoke on Sunday. I shouldn’t have waited. Before I get into the “alleged” actions by the hypocrite Bishop Long let me express the disdain that I feel for preachers and pastors like him. I detest .. you know what fuck that.. I HATE the Bishop Eddie Longs and the Creflo Dollars of the world.  Well I can’t really hate them too much because all they do is spew their bullshit and perverse version of bible scriptures and it’s completely up to their followers to discern the garbage that is coming from out of their mouth.  I have voiced this in many debates with many different congregation members. “I refused to listen let alone follow a preacher/pastor that lives in the lap of luxury. Bishop Eddie Long lives in a mansion worth a couple of million dollars, drives a Rolls Royce Phantom and has a fucking private jet. Yet his congregation members are unemployed their homes are being foreclosed and are in so much debt they wouldn’t know where to begin paying shit off if they had the money to pay the debts off.

Anyway I believe this nigga is guilty I don’t know about you, but if I’m accused of anything let alone having homosexual relations with minors I’m not scheduling a damn press conference 4 or 5 days later to proclaim my innocence. I’m going to let you know right then (in the words of my girl Whitney Houston) Hell to the nuh I didn’t do that shit. So not only did this nigga wait till he was preaching on Sunday but then when he did address the “alleged” actions the nigga didn’t proclaim his innocence. Are you mothafuckas reading me??????? HE DID NOT SAYS…I did not do what they are accusing me of.. or a simple I am innocent. You know what he did say though?? This is what he said “Out of advice of my lawyers… I am not gonna allow myself to be drawn into the court of public opinion. Because one day every knee got to bow, and every tongue got to confess, and everybody’s gotta give an account for themselves!”     Oh and this too “only, and my only hope is, is in the hands of the Lord, and my justice is to be given to me in a fair court of justice” and in between stutter he also said this “As you know there have been accusations and attacks made against me, and I am going to vigorously fight all of ‘em!,”  “I feel like Goliath — David, rather — facing Goliath. There’s a giant in front of me. But I am going to fight, and I’m gonna fight vigorously! And I got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet!”  

 So the nigga says all of that but not once does he say I am innocent NOR does he deny the allegations?? Fuck outta here nigga…

Rating 3.00 out of 5

2 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Wrong

  1. Dang Juss! Please, tell us how you really feel!!? Well, this is such a loaded topic. I agree with alot of what you say about him never proclaiming his innocence. Very strange indeed…I’m sure that everybody is anxiously waiting for the WHOLE truth to be revealed. It is an all around bad situation and I hope that all parties come out of it with healing.

    While I do agree with you that Bishop Long’s delayed and vague reaction causes suspicion, I have to disagree with you concerning the overall view of pastors like Bishop Long and Creflo Dollar. Regardless of their lavish lifestyles, I am confident that they have done and are doing amazing things to enhance others’ lives as well. I think that the fact that they are tremendous givers financially and spiritually should not be overlooked. There are probably countless people who would testify that these ministers have been heroes to them. I don’t think that their good contributions should be ignored. Just something to think about… :-)

    • Lizzy,

      Oh I don’t doubt that they do JUST ENOUGH as to not raise too much suspicion but there are numerous verses throughout the bible that speak agaisnt lavish lifestyles and worldy possesions and how having these things can stop you from getting into heaven. So now the question is how does a preacher not know this?? How can they be so hippocritical?? and how can the congregation not SEE this is beyond me..