WWJD? Or Rather What Would You Do?

Wow what a predicament that racist fucker is in huh… lmaooo.. My wish is that he is actually aware of this situation and actually see who is treating him and trying to save his life.  I’m sure the irony isn’t lost on my dear blog readers so there is a poll I want you to participate in at the bottom of this post.  Me personally as one of the doctors I wouldn’t go out of my way to save his racist ass. Yea yea yea they took the hippocratic oath.. but here is a little information on that oath. Over the centuries, it has been rewritten often in order to suit the values of different cultures influenced by Greek medicine. So what does that tell me.. that the oath is full of shit and I wouldn’t follow it… So he would die.. Also contrary to popular belief, the Hippocratic Oath is not required by most modern medical schools.  So does knowing this bit of information change your mind as to whether he lives or dies? Or anybody for that matter? In my opinion it all boils down to what kind of human being you are, are you a forgiving person or are you an unforgiving person?  Would you deal with this situation from a logical standpoint or and emotional point of  no-view.  (yep I said no view cause when you make decisions based of emotions your view is blinded) Age would also play a part in this situation as well, if your part of an older generation your feelings will definitely differ from that of a person of a newer generation because they haven’t been exposed to what the person of the older generation has been exposed to in their life.  Anyway I know what I would or wouldn’t do in this situation… Do you?

I wonder who put him in the hospital though… I know who i’m hoping it was..lol..  anyway take the poll and comment let me know what you think about this situation.

If you were the doctor would you do your best to save this kkk member?

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Another FaceBooker Gets Arrested.. Gotta Love Facebook!

People are taking this 15 minutes of fame a bit too far, like seriously how far are you willing to go to  achieve internet notoriety and a couple thousand youtube hits and comments.  Let me just say this practically all of us have at one time or another placed something in a babies hand making a joke of some sort, so I’m not going to say she was wrong for that. What she was wrong in doing is placing that damn pic out there in public like that(and letting that smoke in the babies lungs IF in fact there was weed in it and IF it was lit).  Here is a relaity check for you all, The fuckery that you act out…it’s only cute to you and the people in your house and maybe  a handful of outsiders so keep the shit to yourself.  Especially nowadays where you will go to jail for beating your child.

Read the story here http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/mom-arrested-for-posting-facebook-picture-of-baby-861714.html

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Kenyan Arrested For Selling Albino Man…


Lmaooooooo I’m sorry this shit is hilarious to me. Kenyans are some hustlin ass mothafuckas aren’t they, they sell anything and everything.  Albinos are the new crack! Damn melanin deficient fuckers are going for 250k a pop! dammnnn… that’s the cost of the house I’m saving a down payment for..

It seems witch doctors in africa make potions out of the body parts of the albino man/woman and sells the potions to clients telling them it will make them rich or healthy. (Read the Story Here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-11001791 ) Who is the lesser of two evils here? the witch doctor or the clients who buy the albino potions?  Can’t really blame the albino dealer too much in my opinion, people are starving over in africa and when your hungry and you come across whatever viable means of getting food put in your stomach I’m sure the decision to do what you have to do comes fairly easy especially if you have a family. Is the world a fucked up place? Yea it is but we know this already, we also know or should know that as bad as we think we got it in these here United States there are people in other countries who have it a million times worse and me personally am not surprised at all the crazy shit that happens in the economically depressed countries of the world. The selling of an albino person is normal in their world unfortunately. As sad and inhumane as these occurences are; it’s a part of life, a fucked up part but a part of life nonetheless. Things like this always makes me remember how fortunate I am to be where I am regardless of my situation in any and every aspect.

I wonder if they be on the corner like “ay… pssstt.. ayy.. I got that albino my fwend…the good shit.. very very very white.. Make you extra rich and strong”… lmaooo Juss saying….

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Facebook.. Makes it easy to connect and send Mofos To Jail…


A Pasco County man was arrested Monday night after he allegedly violated a court’s protective order by sending his soon to be ex-wife requests to ‘friend’ him on Facebook.

“Yeah, I did it,” Bruder said when he was asked by investigators. Bruder also admitted that he changed the password to his wife’s email account. According to the report he was upset over being forced to attend court ordered counseling sessions.

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Fashion?? Seriously?? Like For Real For Real???

Anobody who knows Juss knows I’m sort of a traditionalist in almost every aspect. I don’t fare well with change especially change that has to do with fashion. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not here stating that I’m some big time fashionista but I have been known to put something together. Now what gets me is these new styles or what is supposed to be passing as style.  Style when pertaining to fashion  is defined as 1. a distinctive quality, form, or type of something <a new dress style> 2. the state of being popular : fashion <clothes that are always in style> b : fashionable elegance c : beauty, grace, or ease of manner or technique. Those winged icarus sneakers are not any of the above along with this skinny jeans style bullshit.. Get the fuck out my face with that shit man… I’m all for fashion and trends but seriously come on now. I admit in high school my jeans had the just enough sag to them & shit they still do. I was all about the Jordans (which they have completely fucked up with all the mix and matching of the styles) and 8 ball jackets etc..But now you have these tight ass skinny jeans and you still wear them below your ass?? I blame parents for all this bullshit that these kids are wearing. Why do you buy your child those clothes? As a grown up you rerally think it’s ok? As a grown man do you think it’s ok to wear some tight fitting jeans below your ass? I’m a little confused though how do they even get those jeans below the ass though? and who the hell helps them put them on in the morning? anyway enough of my ranting and raving I’m Juss Misunderstood thats all.

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Montana Fishburne Uncensored!!!!


Damn damn damn is all I can say… Umm Montana I know you want to follow in daddies footsteps but I think you chose the wrong type of acting momma… What in the world would posess this child (she is supposedly 18 years old) who has everything her little hot in the ass heart would desire to do porn?? I know yall saying well Juss her daddy didn’t love her or didnt show her that he loves her.. To that I say Hogwash !!!! dammit.. She’s just hot in the ass and a natural born slut…It’s the only reason cause I damn sure know she doesn’t need the money.  Alot of you are going to stick to the dysfunctional family excuse yadda yadda yadda.. Ya Boy Juss aint buying it… I wonder what the hell is going through Laurence Fishburnes mind behind this , I wonder if he watched the damn video just to see if it actually is his daughter or to give her some acting tips lol.. At times like this I’m sure a celebrity parent is like damn you had to do porn?? you couldn’t have done drugs or a drunk driving charge…lmaoo… Damn Morpheus the oracle didn’t tell you about this shit?? lmaoo..Anyway enjoy the pics and video you perverts.. lmaoo

The Finale

Here is the link to the complete scene for all you perverts (myself included.. lol)


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Only Time Autotune Is Ok…

For videos of this nature is the only time autotune should be ok and used, unless Roger & Zapp come back out with a new album of course..lol..Yo unfortunately the incident is true but the shit is hilarious these white boys have a whole serious about autotunin the news and man these video clips really make my day. This video clip actually had me singing along.. Hide ya kids! hide ya wife! .. Hide ya kids!! hide Ya wife!!! we goooooooooon find youuu.. we gon find youuuu!!.. run an tell dat homeboy.. hoomeebooyy.. lmaoooo.. Yo this shit is banoodles.. I really believe if you were to make this a full song and press some cd’s or put it on itunes the shit will sell unfortunately… it has all the ingredients that makes a song popular nowadays. Has the catchy hook..the ever present autotune..an uptempo beat/melody and for some reason I can actually see wack ass souljaboy making a dance to it. Something to the effect of making a gesture of grabbing a bitch and yoking her out etc.. I’m juss saying though…lol.. hope yall like the clip and  it brings you the pure enjoyment in the fuckery of whats going on in the world today…

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Tell Your Kids, No You Are Not Going To College Dammit!!

Why did YOU go to college? and why pay to send your kids to college? I feel that going to college and acquiring a degree is a big multimillion dollar scam that has been fueled by the “career industry” for ages. I mean seriously even before these times where having a double p.h.D and a double masters means not a damn thing people rarely if ever go into their field of studies.  So you spend all this damn money for an education that you rarely use (I know this for a fact. I haven’t used all those letters and numbers and little numbers on top of numbers and signs with slashes from math class yet.. and I’m… well my age isn’t important but you get my point.)  I feel aside from specific areas you don’t have to obtain a degree.  Here is another example, in Georgia if you have a computer science degree but do not have a certification from cisco or juniper etc. you will not get hired.  true story! For those that don’t quite understand the example i’ll break it down.  A computer science degree runs you close to a hundred grand could be more could be less depending on where you decide to go to school, A certification in cisco/juniper etc runs you about 200 dollars everytime you take the test to get certified.  So you tell me, what route would you have gone?? Below are some reasons to not send your kids to college,  I have to say they make damn good sense even though I don’t agree with some of them due to the kids not the ideas. You just cannot do certain things with certain kids.. anyway you be the judge and leave your comments.

Anyway here 7 reasons to not send your kids to college and these reasons are brought to you by  James Altucher a finance columnist.

1. More than 60% of people entering college take more than four years to graduate. So whatever you think yourkids are going to cost you to go to college, add 20% to 100%.

2. The cost of the average tuition has gone up nine-fold since 1976 versus seven-fold for health care and three fold for inflation.

3. The differential in lifetime income between a college graduate and a non-college graduate over a 45 year career is approximately $800,000 (read on)

4. If  i put that $200,000 that I would’ve spent per child to cover tuition costs, living expenses, books, etc. into  bonds yielding just 3% (any muni bonds) and let it compound for 49 years ( adding backin the 4 years of college) I get $851,000. So my kids can avoid college and still end up with the same amount in the worst case.

5. If smart, motivated, ambitious kids (the type of kids who get the most out of college) avoided college I’m sure the differential would be a lot less than $800,00and may even be negative (i.e. they would make more if they avoided college and started going into the business world earlier)

6. The average debt burden of a college graduate is $23,000 up from $13,000 10 years ago. Students with professional degrees can see their debt burden go higher than $200,000. Total student borrowing has topped $75,000,000,000. It’s too much for young adults just starting their careers.

7. Alternatives to spending $200,000 per kidso they can waste four years of their lives:

Give them $20,000 to start one to five businesses.

most businesses fail but that’s ok. The educationfrom the process lasts a lifetime and the networkyou build when you start a business will lead to many futurejobs and possibilities.

Travel the world. That would be an education thatpays many dividends and is much cheaper. Your kids can then go to college with a much more mature view of the world.

Work. They won’t get the best jobsbut they can make money,network, get a “hands-on” education, learn the value of money and go to college in their 20’s when THEY can afford it — and make every dollar worth it. Plus your kids willhave a more clear idea of what they want to do in the world.

Volunteer. Let them see a side of life that is harder and where they can add value. An education like thatis invaluable.

Do nothing but read. Get the benefits of a college education without paying the $200,000. I’d be happy to support a child that wants to home school a college education.

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Shame On Arizona!! No SB 1070… !!

Hell No.. No Me Voy!! Hell No.. No Me Voy!!!

Hell no we wont show you our papers!!! Hell no we wont show you our papers!!.. oh hey there.. I was just showing support to my fellow illegal compadres in arizona and all around the United States… Anyway it seems like the old stereotype of us spanish folks sticking together is turning out to be pretty much true..lol..  Seven other Latin American countries want to join Mexico in supporting a lawsuit challenging Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. Bolivia,Colombia,El Salvador,Guatemela,Nicaragua,Paraguay, and Peru all filed seperate, nearly identical motions to join Mexico’s legal brief supporting the lawsuit filed by U.S. civil rights and other advocacy groups.  It’s just amazing to me how certain shit can go down in this country.. anyway… HELL NO!!..NO ME VOY!!! …HELL NO!!! NO ME VOY!!!

P.S. for those of you who are legally here or a citizen…lol.. and don’t know what SB 1070 is and care to know what SB 1070 is click this link.  http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070p.htm

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Only In The Hood!….

lmmaaooo.. Suprim? seriously though??


Yo this is so sad but funny at the same time, my question is was it the owners or an employee who posted these signs up?. Either way it’s not a good look for the owner no matter how you view it. If it was the owner you have to wonder how in the hell did he end up owning a gas station or better yet how hasn’t he/she went out of business yet?? As you can see whoever the owner is definitely lacks business acumen. If it was an employee then who the fuck is doing the hiring??!!?? This type of shit would definitely stop me from going in an purchasing anything for fear of being overcharged and shortchanged and I definitely would not buy gas for fear of the gas pumps being rigged to stop pumping gas $1.89 short of what I payed for…lol.. I’m Juss saying though.

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