Another FaceBooker Gets Arrested.. Gotta Love Facebook!

People are taking this 15 minutes of fame a bit too far, like seriously how far are you willing to go to  achieve internet notoriety and a couple thousand youtube hits and comments.  Let me just say this practically all of us have at one time or another placed something in a babies hand making a joke of some sort, so I’m not going to say she was wrong for that. What she was wrong in doing is placing that damn pic out there in public like that(and letting that smoke in the babies lungs IF in fact there was weed in it and IF it was lit).  Here is a relaity check for you all, The fuckery that you act out…it’s only cute to you and the people in your house and maybe  a handful of outsiders so keep the shit to yourself.  Especially nowadays where you will go to jail for beating your child.

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