As most people who know me know that I am a tv junkie.. Well real tv anyway not these cookie cutter reality tv crap shows that seem to be pumped out every week or so.

Anyway this show “ALCATRAZ” seems to be interesting. The premise of the show is that 50 years ago 320 inmates disappeared from the prison Alcatraz and are now reappearing again in the present day with scores to settle.

The first episode follows inmate Jack Sylvane who is a WWII vet who came home and in order to feed his family he robbed a grocery store due to the store selling stamps it became a federal offense. While doing his time he was assaulted in the prison shower and Jack Sylvane murdered the inmate and was transferred to Alcatraz. While doing his time in Alcatraz he was ruthlessly subjected to brutal psychological and physical torture by the warden (yes cliché I know). So now 50 years after the disappearance of Jack Sylvane and the other inmates of Alcatraz he has reappeared and wait for it …. wait for it … Jack Sylvane has not aged one year since his disappearance.

The funny thing is Jack Sylvane has dropped about 6 bodies in the first half hour including the warden. The end of the first hour brings a standoff between Jack and the female detective that has been tracking him down.

This show has a Lost-esque feel to it which I guess comes from the executive producer of the show J.J. Abrams who also produced the show Lost.

Rating 3.00 out of 5